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2020 ,See you in Essen

Company News
2018/10/09 23:37
Under the careful organization of the members of China Packaging Federation Metal Containers, the company's sales team, headed by General Manager Xu Xiangang, participated in the 2017 Essen Metal Packaging Exhibition in Germany.
During the exhibition, the customers who came to our company's booth were endless. Secretary-General Zhang Hong of the Packaging Association, industry expert Zheng Tiechang, expert Wang Xiaotu, Turkey, Dubai customers, etc., all had a high concentration of interest in our company's self-developed high-temperature exhaust gas incineration central heating system. In addition, some customers not only stay at the level of communication and consultation, but also tend to specialize in technology and establish long-term cooperation between enterprises.
During the 5-day Metpack exhibition, while maintaining our old customers, we also met many new and old customers at home and abroad, which laid a good foundation for expanding the diversified market.
Looking forward to Metpack 2020!