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Flower rack cleaning machine

The products are widely used in building materials, decoration, household appliances, packaging, printing, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, agricultural and sideline products (grain, melon and fruit, feed), rubber and plastic, leather, tape, printing and dyeing, automobile manufacturing and other processing and manufacturing industries.

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The machine is a special equipment for printing iron and coating iron drying room automatic production line flower iron rack and conveying chain cleaning. The iron frame of the drying room in the production process is easy to be polluted. The regular cleaning is to guarantee the drying room equipment and guarantee Printing, coating an important part of quality.



Cleaning without having to remove the equipment, can be randomly cleaned, thereby saving a lot of manpower and material resources. Cleaning time, only 5 hours, can significantly reduce the cleaning spent iron rack and the loss of working hours, improve equipment utilization, increased production and extend equipment life.

The machine is mobile. As long as the automatic production line to install the corresponding nozzle, you can a machine for more than one automatic production line service, its reasonable structure, easy maintenance, safe and reliable, but also automatic control of liquid temperature, liquid level automatically alarm, cleaning fluid can be reused many


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