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  • Product Name: High-temperature Exhaust Gas Incinerator
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  The production of harmful gases such as: stupid, stupid, dimethyl stupid, formaldehyde, acetone and lipids, ethers in the process of production of paint, paint and drying, Class, solvent oil and other incineration pyrolysis, and the incineration of the heat generated by the introduction of centralized recycling system in the recycling heat. The product uses a single large-scale burner instead of the original production line of multiple low-power burner, to ensure that the smoke discharge standards, based on the full use of organic solvents in the exhaust gas combustion heat generated, thereby reducing natural gas consumption. To achieve the purpose of saving energy.
Not only for the above sectors of the exhaust gas treatment and heat reuse; and for cars, motorcycles and other industries of a variety of coating production line exhaust gas treatment and heat reuse.

1, High purification efficiency: The exhaust gas is mixed, the air is evenly distributed, the temperature control is stable and the purification efficiency can be improved. It meets and surpasses the national GB16297-1996 standard, and also achieves the higher environmental protection standard DB11 / 501-2007. Standard DB31 / 933-2015, Guangzhou standard DB44 / 815-2010.
2, Significant energy saving effect: The heat energy generated by high temperature incineration is sent back to the drying room for energy utilization. It is proved that the energy efficiency can reach 15% -45% according to the customer's solvent quantity.
3, good security: the furnace body with explosion-proof door to release the deflagration pressure, sub-warehouse micro-negative pressure burning, not easy to temper.
4, a high degree of automation control: a comprehensive alternative to the original drying room temperature control, just a key to boot, full automatic operation. There are over-temperature, low temperature alarm, flame alarm and other safety protection devices to ensure stable operation of the device.



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