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  • Product Name: Catalysis Exhaust Gas Incinerator
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The heat, released from incineration of exhaust gas such as benzene, methylbenzene, dimethylbenzene and naphthalene in metal printing and color sheet coating, is used for centralized heating of baking room. It substitutes original several small-power burners by a single high-power burner. Besides ensuring compliance with environmental protection requirements, it releases heat through full combustion of organic solvent in exhaust gas and supplies the heat to baking room. It is not only suitable for exhaust gas treatment and heat energy recovery of coating baking room in industries of metal printing, colored plates, aluminum plates, aluminum strips, etc., but also for those of various coating production lines in automobile industry, motorcycle industry, etc.

High purification efficiency: Mixed exhaust gas, uniform air distribution and stable temperature control contribute to high purification efficiency that reaches and surpasses the requirement of GB16297-1996.
Outstanding energy saving effect: The heat energy produced by high temperature incineration is directly fed back to the baking room for utilization, saving energy by 15%-35% according to users.
High safety: The oven is provided with an explosion door to release detonation pressure, and suction firing in separate bins is adopted to prevent tempering.
Good thermal insulation property: The insert type stainless steel fan is adopted. It has an insulating layer of 200 millimeters and dissipates few heat, with the surface temperature of lower than or equal to room temperature +20 degrees.
High degree of automatic control: Temperature control of the original baking room is completely replaced and whole-course full-automatic operation can be triggered by one-key starting. Security devices such as over-temperature and low-temperature alarming and flameout alarming ensure stable operation.


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