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  • Product Name: JDK Coal Hot Air Oven
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Application and features:

JDK air heater (hot air oven) is novel efficient heat exchange equipment that takes coal as fuel and air as medium. Providing dustless dry and hot air with constant temperature and pressure, it is widely applied to heat setting of textile bleaching and dyeing as well as rubber coating, metal printing coating baking room, baking after metal surface derusting, oil paint baking, baking in papermaking industry, baking of grain feed, cereal fish meal, tobacco leaf, tea leaf, etc., drying of plywood and plasterboard for molding, wood drying, spray drying of chemical materials as well as animal and plant oil and fat, heating of industrial plant, etc. It replaces current air heating by steam and oil boiler or electricity, eliminates the link of heat exchange and corresponding heat exchange equipment, and has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, simplified equipment, high safety and reliability, low investment, etc.

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