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  • Product Name: Fuel Oil and Fuel Gas Hot Blast Oven
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Application and features:
JDK fuel oil or fuel gas air heater is novel, efficient and energy-saving equipment that takes oil or combustible gas as fuel and takes air as the heat transmission medium. It can provide dustless clean and hot air with constant temperature and pressure (room temperature -350℃). The combustor and heat exchanger of the heater adopt internationally advanced heat resistant steel and stainless steel, prolonging the service life and improving quality. Adopting internationally advanced combustor, it ensures automatic temperature control and heat efficiency.

1.Metal printing coating baking room, tunnel and suspension type baking room, and other heating and baking in coating industry.
2.Heat setting, baking and hot air tentering in textile industry.
3.Baking of grain feed, cereal aquatic products, tobacco leaf and tea leaf.
4.Spray or conveyor belt type drying of chemical materials, drugs, animal and plant oil and fat, etc.
5.Hot press molding and baking of wood and building materials.
6.Baking of bread and biscuits and the like in food industry.
7.Drying, corrugated paper processing and insulation material baking and molding on papermaking industry.
8.Heating of industrial and mining enterprises.


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