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By virtue of advanced three-coating and three-baking production technology as well as technique means such as laminating and printing, its products have excellent decorative effect, post processing property, corrosion resistance, scratching resistance, etc. and realize varied decorative effects from low light to high light. Combining exquisite painted design or twinkling effect, they have been widely applied to home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, representing luxury and fashion.

Technical parameters of production line:

I.Technical features:
Raw material: band steel
Width: 800~1,400 mm
Band steel width: 0.2~1.2mm
Base plate material: cold galvanized and cold rolled sheets and strips or levelled hot galvanized sheets and strips, etc.
Outer diameter of steel coil: φ800~2,000mm
Inner diameter of steel coil: φ508~φ610mm
Technical speed: Highest design speed of 60 meters/minute during laminating or PCM coating; highest speed of 40 meters/minute during printing
Roller painting technology and product: PVC film, PET film or PCM layer coating on the front side, three-color continuous printing on the front side of glossy overprint coating, and glossy overprint coating
Product capacity: 30,000-80,000 tons per year
Fuel: Natural gas, electricity, liquefied petroleum gas, coal, coal gas
Degreasing: two-stage chemical degreasing + three-stage water bleaching + pure water spraying
Energy-saving mode: exhaust gas incineration, waste heat recycling, energy consumption reduction

II. Main features:
1.Light-colored pattern and varnish (finish paint) on existing color base highlight luxury, bright color, clear layer and attracting visual effect and flickers.
2.With great mechanical property and shaping property itself, the color coated steel sheet, through exquisite design, can be used for packing and decorating to fulfill the aim of beautifying products and improving product competitiveness.
3.Chosen strictly, the basic material for color coated and printed steel plate adopts electro-galvanized sheet or cold rolled sheet. Galvanized sheet is better to be subjected to finishing treatment. The surface flatness of the basic material should be high and meet the required printability.

Product Process Flow Diagram:


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