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Zip-tip can base coat pin baking oven, mainly used for can making production line, bakes and forcedly cools the coat film on can surface after base coating.
Working process of pin baking oven:

2. Features: (A or B)
A. Scheme
1) Optimized air duct design. Hot air thoroughly heats the bottom surface and side face of zip-top can, so that it is completely surrounded by hot air; All air duct materials adopt high temperature resistant stainless steel, greatly reducing the impact of interior rusting of equipment on products.
2) Optimized overall structure design. It facilitates installation and chain wheel levelling, ensures all running chain wheels are in the same plane, prolongs the service life of chain, enhances the stability of zip-top cans running in equipment and further reduces unnecessary production accidents; it also reduces energy consumption.
3) Adopting frequency converting control, all draught fans ensure balanced air and consistent temperature through program control, which increases product stability and equipment safety.

B. Scheme
① The direction in which high-temperature air bakes the surface of zip-top cans. Through special structure design of air hose and air dust, high-temperature air uniformly flows to the surface of zip-top cans in high speed and specified direction, accelerating bottom coating baking and preventing damage of high-speed air on base coat film.
② Gas flow loop in the oven and energy conservation. High-temperature air flows inside the oven in a cycled and heated way through inner structure design of the oven, and frequency conversion fans and detection elements automatically control temperature in the oven, which save energy to the greatest extent.
③ Structure design of oven. The reasonable oven structure design can greatly increase the stability of running chains and zip-top cans and results in better baking effect.

3. Main technical indexes:
1) Highest line speed of 1,800 cans/minute.
2) Highest can temperature of 204°C, over-temperature alarm at 224°C.
3) Maximum heat output of 600,000 kcal/hour.
4) Maximum gas displacement 20,000 cubic meters/hour.
5) Pin effective length of 182 mm.


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