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Tinplate Printing/Coating Line

The products are widely used in building materials, decoration, household appliances, packaging, printing, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, agricultural and sideline products (grain, melon and fruit, feed), rubber and plastic, leather, tape, printing and dyeing, automobile manufacturing and other processing and manufacturing industries.

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Product details

Product Introduction

The equipment is an automatic continuous drying line is applied to metal sheets printing/coating Line. The complete line consists of drying, cooling, discharging stacking sections. Main Forms of heating: Coal gas,Natural gas fired, LPG fired, Light diesel oil fired (viscosity:1.5Engl.), coal fired and electrical heating.Oil-fired heating type includes two forms: direct burning and indirect burning. It is applicable to metal sheets with different specifications and application.


Product Features

The fore-and-aft transmission of the oven line adopts a closed type. Pneumatic control is adopted in unloading protection, conveying chain tensioning device, unloading correction device and stacking correction device.

Front and rear Synchronization System adopt Variable frequency control technology.

New type Vacuum sucking buffer device is installed at feeding system.


Technical Characteristics

Max. sheet size: 1143×965mm
Min. sheet size: 712×508mm
Metal sheet thickness: 0.15mm-0.4mm
Producing capacity: 60-120 sheets/min
Tunnel length: 18-42m(depends on producing capacity)




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