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Coil Coating Line Of Home Appliance

The products are widely used in building materials, decoration, household appliances, packaging, printing, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, agricultural and sideline products (grain, melon and fruit, feed), rubber and plastic, leather, tape, printing and dyeing, automobile manufacturing and other processing and manufacturing industries.

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Product details

Product Introduction

The complete color coating line consists of surface degreasing, rust cleaning, continuous priming coating and surface coating, drying and curving processing. The color plate and color aluminum plate produced by the production line are widely used in refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, electric cookers and other household appliances, as well as decorative materials such as integrated ceiling and furniture.


Product Features

With the advanced three coating and three drying process, the coating and printing process are arranged to make the product have superior surface decoration and good post processing, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and other surface quality, and can achieve different decorative effects of low light to high light, and the effect of fine printing pattern or pearlite flicker. And configure our own intellectual property rights waste heat recovery system.


Technical Characteristics

Raw material Steel strip/aluminum strip
Width 600~2650mm
Thickness 0.15~3mm
Outer diameter Φ800~2500mm
Inside diameter of coil Φ405~Φ605mm
Process speed 15~80 meters/minutes
Energy saving method Waste gas incineration,waste heat recovery and utilization to reduce energy consumption




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