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Three Bed RTO

The products are widely used in building materials, decoration, household appliances, packaging, printing, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, agricultural and sideline products (grain, melon and fruit, feed), rubber and plastic, leather, tape, printing and dyeing, automobile manufacturing and other processing and manufacturing industries.


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Product details

Product Introduction 

The three chambers RTO is a high remove efficiency for the low and medium organic waste air with lowest energy consumption. Compared with traditional catalytic combustion, direct combustion thermal oxidation and two chambers RTO, we are more committed than ever to supply a simple, reliable, low energy cost, high thermo efficiency(≥95%). In case higher waste air concentration. It also possible to retrieve additional heat, which means greatly reduce operation cost.


Working Principle

Low temperature organic waste pushed enter ceramic medium in chamber A (the ceramic medium has "storage"  last cycle's heat) the organic air enter the burn chamber with high temperature, burner burns to release the heat, and the waste air temperature goes to preset 760℃. The organic compose in waste air break down into CO2, and H2O. Since the exhaust air was preheated during passing through recovery chamber, so that the fuel requirement is very limited. Oxidizers chamber have two functions, to ensure the exhaust air reach the preset temperature and have adequate residence time for fully oxidized.

Wasted air leaves combustion chamber become pure high temperature air enter recovery chamber C (ceramic medium in other two chamber have to be cooling and purging). To release the heat. And exhausted after released the heat. Ceramic in chamber C storage the heat(use in next heating cycle). The recovery chamber B performs the purge function in this time. After that, the inlet value and outlet value will be switch over for a new cycle Air goes into Chamber C, goes out from chamber B and purge in Chamber A. The next cycle, Air goes into Chamber B, goes out from chamber A and purge in Chamber C. So time alternately. 

When the RTO device has not reached the state of treatment or outage, the waste air can temporarily be discharged through the bypass chimney.

In order to save energy, heat exchangers can be installed at the end of RTO to carry out additional heat.


Processing Flow



Performance Characteristics

● Capable handling waste air containing almost all kind of organic compounds.

● Apply for big air flow and various density of organic waste air.

● Big range for organic waste air flow(nominal flow 20%-120%).

● Well adapt to the VOC composition change and wave.

● Sensitive-less to small amount of dust and solid particles.

● Highest thermal efficiency (>95%).

● Self heating operation under the suitable air density, no need additional fuel.

● High purification efficiency (3 chambers >99%).

● Safe and reliable, less maintenance.

● Periodic remove organic sediment, changeable recovery medium.

● Limited system pressure loss.

● Long service life.


Application Area

It widely used for flame plating in automobile, vehicles, shipbuilding industrial. Apply for petro, chemical engineering, ink and colorant industry. Such as rubber and plastic, leather, adhesive tape, electronics, printing and dying, metal plate coating and laminating, construction material etc. as well as food, medicine and additives industry.


Apply Waste Air

● Apply various kind of air, includes alkanes, olefins, alcohols, ketones, ethers, esters, aromatics, benzene and other hydrocarbons, organic waste air.

● High flow rate, low organic matter density (satisfy below 25%LFL).

● Air contains a variety of organic ingredients, or organic ingredients often changes.

● Air contains easily make catalyst poisoning or de-active components.

● Not suitable for air containing more silicone resin.



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